Dumpling Workshop

Everyone loves dumplings. Whats not to love about these little packets of joy. Fill them with your favourite meat or vegan options, dumplings never disappoint.

Momo is a Tibetan dumpling, mainly made with a meat filling. You can have it steamed, fried, or in a soup. It's a dish that brings back memories of childhood, family and has a real feel-good factor.

Having tried and tested my Tibetan Momo recipe, I know I have the best one yet. And what a better way to share my findings and recipe by cooking together.


Above: Tibetan Momo



The workshop is designed for everyone to participate. You will get your hands into the dough, learn how to fold dumplings in many ways than one. We will also use pre-packaged skins to show you the difference in Momo skins and texture. I will show you the different ways of cooking Momo's and finally, we all get to sit around a table and eat all the dumplings we have made.

We will also make a Momo chutney to give you that extra kick of heat.

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Momo skins

We will make a small batch of skins from scratch. This is to show you the authentic way of making dumpling skins. However, as this workshop is designed to make it easy for people to replicate the process, we will mainly be using pre-made skins that are readily available across all asian stores in London.



We mainly use beef mince for the filling. Please let us know beforehand if you would like to replace the beef mince with turkey mince or a veg option (cabbage).



We do not use any nuts in the preparation of Momo, nor does the recipe require any nuts. If you have any allergy, please email us first before you book your spot in one of our workshops.